Main Group

Main List for PNDA.  This will be a low volume list to announce major community events.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • dev
    Mailing list to discuss the development of PNDA
    71 Members, 43 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • discuss
    Open Community discussion for users or community announcements.
    93 Members, 9 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • docs
    Mailing list to discuss PNDA Documentation
    91 Members, 0 Topics, Public Archives
  • marketing
    PNDA Marketing Mailing list
    1 Member, 0 Topics, Public Archives
  • security
    This for reporting security issues.  The group has restricted membership to those who will directly respond and resolve the reported security issue.  Anyone can mail this group to report security issues.
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  • tsc
    Email list for the community  to openly discuss technical issues that affect the PNDA Community.  This group is open to the public but only TSC members may vote on Governance and the Technical Direction of the project.
    63 Members, 15 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post: